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Alternative Health Supplies (Europe) is a distribution company recently set up to supply the product range of Alternative Health Supplies (Australia). We have access to one of Australia’s largest specialist health suppliers stocking a range of more than 500 selected products. These products have been evaluated and chosen according to their quality and efficacy. Alternative Health Supplies (Europe) has a range in stock now but has access to the complete range upon request. We are mail order specialists and in most cases we will despatch your order the same day.

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  • WELL BEING - specifically aimed at improving your overall health by optimising your bodies own systems.
  • MALE HEALTH - products specifically targeting men and their health issues.
  • WELL WOMAN - a range of products tailored to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of PMS and the menopause.
  • BONES AND JOINTS - a selection of quality supplements to help ease the symptoms of Arthritis.
  • BRAIN FUNCTION - several products designed to improve the function of the brain and coping with stress.
  • BOOKS - a selection of quality books to increase your knowledge of health subjects of interest to you.

For more information on these products please view our Australian website on www.alternativehealth.com.au


We have enlisted the help of a consultant pharmacist as a source of reference and help to our customers. He is available via email ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range or your specific health enquiries. Email pharmacist


Sheep Sorrel tea has been manufactured from the finest organic ingredients following the recipe used by the Canadian palliative care nurse, Rene Caisse. The original authentic recipe has been reproduced to the highest standards. Rene Caisse herbal tea became known world wide under the name Essiac, which is Rene’s surname spelt backwards. Almost 400 people were ready to testify at a cancer commission hearing in Toronto, Canada, in 1939 that Rene Caisse had helped them alleviate their symptoms or restored them to health. Rene used a specific formula of herbs given to her by an Ojibwa Indian in her native Canada.

Over many years Alternative Health Supplies in Australia have strived to source the best organic plants available. Research has shown that it is imperative that the right plants are used in the correct proportions for the best possible results. We have achieved this by specifically sourcing Grade A organic plants in Australia. The standards of our plants are vigorously maintained and monitored at our herbal farm in Australia. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we will supply certification with each batch sent out to customers, if requested. No other supplier of Caisse teas will provide this assurance of quality. Our product is A Grade organic, manufactured to ISO 9001 and is AQIS Standard export quality. All our ingredients are backed by Herbal Analysis Certificates to ensure their quality, safety and authenticity.

Sheep Sorrel tea has been available in Australia for many years and has demonstrated phenomenal results. .

Now this product is available in Europe through this website only. Production is restricted to small batches to maintain the high quality of Sheep Sorrel tea. The herbs are harvested at precisely the right maturity to achieve the best possible fresh product and maximum efficacy.

The original Caisse tea product contains the following herbs

Caution: Due to high oxalic acid levels in herbs such as common Sorrel and Turkish Rhubarb beware of any product that cannot provide proof that they contain the correct ingredients used by Rene Caisse. (If in doubt, ask to see their herbal analysis certificates). Please note that Turkish Rhubarb and Common Sorrel are NOT used in our formulation

What is it like?

Once made, the tea has a gentle “earthy” taste, not unpleasant and certainly not undrinkable like some herbal teas. Once boiled up and refrigerated, the tea should be consumed within 14-20 days.

How much do I use?

As a treatment half a cup (100ml) of made-up tea should be taken 3-4 times each day. Do not expect instant results, but be prepared to used the correct amounts for a few months before assessing your progress. At this time a reduced dose may be taken.



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